Deleted Scene from The Last Jedi Revealed!

A deleted scene from 'The Last Jedi' has been officially released. In the scene, it's a bit different of a version of Finn and Phasma's battle. I really enjoyed their fight in the movie, so getting to see more of them going up against each other in this deleted scene was pretty awesome if you ask me.

I see why they decided not to go the route of this version. The one that they chose probably fits a lot better. This deleted scene definitely features way more dialogue then the one that they decided to go with. I enjoyed the back and forth between them quite a bit.

I'd also like to add that I just really, really, love Finn saying, "Rebel scum" in both iterations. It's such a terrific moment for the character, whose arc is tremendous from the beginning of 'The Force Awakens' to the end of 'The Last Jedi.' I'm so thrilled with everything they have done with him. I can't wait to see what they have him facing in Episode IX.

Check out the scene in the brand new episode of the Star Wars Show!